Bento Set

◦   Lunch box, which includes:

*   Onigiri (rice balls rolled in a strip of seaweed and stuffed with salt-pickled Japanese apricot, dried bonito, or grilled salmon)

*   Dashimaki (Japanese-style rolled omelet, with dashi stock and soy sauce)

*   Kara-age (deep-fried chicken)

*   Ohitashi (green vegetables, such as spinach, mustard spinach, or Chinese cabbage, parboiled and soused in dashi stock seasoned with soy sauce)

◦   Miso soup with garnishes such as tofu, deep-fried sliced tofu, wakame seaweed, Welsh onion, or clams

◦   Lightly pickled vegetables, such as turnip, white radish, or cucumber

◦   Green tea


You can learn how to cook rice properly as well as make tasty dashi stock.

Class time: 10:30–13:30

Price: ¥7,500 per person

* Minimum number of people: 3. No cancellation fee will be charged if the class is cancelled because the minimum number of people has not been reached.